Garry Juffa

Juffa condemns police actions

Juffa told Loop PNG that such illegal evictions are becoming too frequent which indicated serious problems with corruption in the Housing Ministry.

“I condemn the actions of those involved and call upon the Police to immediately investigate what is essentially fraud and theft.

“I also call upon Prime Minister Peter O’Neill to immediately investigate the Housing Ministry and protect many innocent Papua New Guineans who are becoming victims to the actions of corrupt public servants in these Departments.

“The Policemen used should be all disciplined,” says Juffa.

Juffa raises concern over lack of proper work permits for expats

Northern Governor Garry Juffa raised this issue in Parliament today asking the Minister for Labour Benjamin Poponawa whether there are some guidelines to deal with such issues.

He told Parliament that about 90 percent of foreigners in his province have no proper work permits and can't speak English.

He also pointed out that the required mandatory three year training plan for companies employing expatriates were not bring enforced.

He said most companies have never met the three year transfer of skills in the country.

PM O’Neill clarifies rice pricing

Directing his questions during Questions Without Notice this morning in Parliament to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, Juffa raised concerns on the monopoly of the market and the benefits farmers will be missing out from the deal.

He said Oro and other provinces have already ventured into planting rice and such decisions might spoil the interest of the farmers.

“Can the Prime Minister confirm if the purported agreement of rice monopoly which will grant 80% of the domestic rice market had been signed or not?

Northern Governor aids remote women

They always do gardening, marketing and also giving birth which is always so hard and in pain.

Uiaku women in the Ijivitari district of Northern province have called on Governor Garry Juffa to look into this issue and help them.

They called on Juffa to build a market for them to sell food and other stuff at Popondetta town.

Spokeslady Helen Gegeyo when giving her speech during the opening of the aid post and elementary classroom  on Tuesday said the women want to see change and it's about time they will experience that change.

Delay in funding hampering development, says Juffa

One of tourist destinations in the country, Tufi in Northern Province, is one of those least developed districts in the Ijivitari electorate.

Northern Governor Gary Juffa told Loop PNG that his administration is still waiting on the government to release fundings earmarked for the development of Tufi.

He said Tufi is a tourist destination and infrastructure like airstrips and wharves must be of paramount importance.

"Proper airstrip facilities are really needed at Tufi to attract tourists into the beautiful Tufi Fjords," says Juffa.

Juffa does electoral visit to Tufi

Today, he visited Uiaku village, a six hour boat trip from Oro Bay to the beautiful and breathtaking Tufi Fjords in the Tufi LLG.

Juffa listened to his people and was in the village to experience what they are going through.

Juffa also officially opened an aid post and a classroom building in the village.

The occasion was witnessed by chiefs of Kokoda area and the Ijivitari district.

Tufi have a population of more than 20,000 people and such developments are appreciated by people dearly.

Change the mindset and appreciate change: Juffa

Juffa said to bring change to the people, it would require commitment from everyone.

He blamed the government systems and the weak public servants for causing the delays in delivering basic services to the people.

“We will see development when we are willing to accept change and are willing to change ourselves,” he said.

Meanwhile, two Grade 8 female students from Popondetta Primary School

Remove ‘public serpents’, says Juffa

Juffa, when talking to Popondetta Secondary School students today, urged students to become a ‘changer’ in the province and become public servants and not ‘public serpents’.

 He said public servants in Northern province are like flees who always jump two meters to another location when tried to be captured.

“Our public service machineries are really disorganised and cannot be trusted.”

He added that the administration needs an overhaul and new young energetic leaders to get the public machinery in the province to another level.

Juffa backs eviction on illegal settlers

Juffa said whilst the move by the Police was unpopular with settlement dwellers, it has been widely supported by most citizens of Oro due to the settlements unsightly appearance creating filth and posing health risks to the citizens as well as a crime hub where petty crimes were growing.

“Many citizens of Oro travelling into Popondetta complained of pickpocketing, assault, drunkard behavior and the sale of marijuana and illicit alcohol and illegal gambling which had also recently started and the activities were becoming an eyesore to the peace loving citizens of Oro. 

Juffa to launch local newspaper

Northern Observer, a community newspaper to inform and promote good governance in the province is an initiative of the Oro Provincial Government.

Juffa said the monthly publication is aimed at informing the people on what is happening within the province and around the country and allow locals to have their say and contribute towards the development of Oro.

The newspaper is a new concept and will mainly focus on positive and development issues affecting the province.