Benjamin Poponawa

Juffa to table syndicate reports

Juffa revealed this during an opposition media conference on Tuesday.

The tabling of the reports follows on from reports he received as well as investigations conducted by himself into the alleged syndicate operating in PNG, which he claims has proliferated in the province.

Juffa claims that the syndicate has been colluding with the Labour Department to bring in foreigners on illegal work permits when they have not passed an English proficient test, a key criteria before a work permit is issued.

Labor Minister admits corruption exists in Government departments

Juffa gave an example of Northern Provincial Government issuing a stop-work on a portion of land acquired by foreigners who cannot speak the English language.

“Is English a requirement before a work permit is issued?” Juffa asked.

He said similar instances are happening around the country where shopkeepers, security guards, drivers and others who are working cannot speak English.

“What is your department doing about this?”

“Does your department carry out regular inspections and prosecutions?”

Juffa raises concern over lack of proper work permits for expats

Northern Governor Garry Juffa raised this issue in Parliament today asking the Minister for Labour Benjamin Poponawa whether there are some guidelines to deal with such issues.

He told Parliament that about 90 percent of foreigners in his province have no proper work permits and can't speak English.

He also pointed out that the required mandatory three year training plan for companies employing expatriates were not bring enforced.

He said most companies have never met the three year transfer of skills in the country.

WHP students still not home, a month after unrest

According to Radio New Zealand International, students from Tambul-Nebilyer attending the University of Papua New Guinea said they are still waiting for their local MP, Benjamin Poponawa, to assist them with an airline ticket to travel back to Western Highlands.

The UPNG this month cancelled the academic year after unrest which boiled over in June when police opened fire on students trying to march on Parliament in support of a motion of no confidence against Prime Minister Peter O'Neill.

Union and Telikom in standoff

The management of the state-owned telecommunication company is adamant to implement the ‘spill and fill concept’ while the worker’s union is saying the requirement policy is illegal.         

PNGCWU president Nug Mamtirim said the Labour and Industrial Relations Minister Benjamin Poponawa has directed both parties to have a conference to find a solution to the disagreement.

“The conference started yesterday after we wrote to the Labour Minister on November 16,” Mamtirim told Loop PNG.