Garry Juffa

Northern province ventures into rice farming

An agreement had been signed between Trukai, Oro Rice Growers Cooperative Association and the Oro Provincial Government to start the project.

The agreement is a three-way partnership between Trukai, Oro Rice Growers Cooperative and the Provincial Government to expand rice growing in Oro as a major cash crop.

Trukai will ensure quality control and extension services are provided while the farmers pledged 3,000 hectares of land and a continued flow of quality rice.

PM O’Neill failing landowners by delaying cancelation of SABLs: Juffa

That’s the reality in PNG, according to Oro Governor, Gary Juffa in an exclusive interview with PACNEWS recently.

Since the tabling of the Commission of Inquiry (COI) into the SABL in October 2013, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill promised in Parliament that the reports were to be made public, and action would be taken immediately.