Juffa and Arore take over Parliament session

​Northern Governor Garry Juffa and his Ijivitari MP David Arore will never and will not have an “eye- to- eye” discussion during parliament sessions.

In today’s Parliament session, Juffa really screamed on top of his voice telling Arore to shut up after he (Arore) disrupts his questions to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

Juffa was asking about a commission of inquiry into the awarding of Djoko Tjandra’s citizenship that was spearheaded by the former Attorney General Kerenga Kua.

“Can the Prime Minister explain what has happened to that inquiry?” Juffa asked.

“Will it be tabled and is there a possible conflict of interest between the current Attorney General Ano Pala and Tjandra?”

However, O’Neill responded and said the he was not aware of any inquiry into the Tjandra’s issue but will find out and advised the Attorney General to write to Juffa and explain the inquiry.

“I don’t know where the conflict of interest lies as far as I know that the Attorney General Ano Pala is from Rigo in the Central Province and Tjandra is from Indonesia,” says O’Neill.

This did not go down well with Juffa and the Opposition team.

Meanwhile, Parliament has been adjourned to April 5, 2016.

Freddy Mou