Oro donates to YWAM Medical Ship

​Oro Province Governor,Gary Juffa, has presented a cheque for K150,000 to YWAM Medical

Ship on behalf of the Oro Provincial Government, fulfilling a pledge toward 2015 annual operational expenses for YWAM’s Training and Medical Ship, the MV YWAM PNG.

Governor Juffa said that the provincial administration was a proud supporter of YWAM’s work in Nothern Province.

“YWAM first started working in Oro three years ago with their land-based primary healthcare  teams who built relationships with local healthcare workers and village leaders in preparation for the arrival of the first YWAM Training and Medical Ship in the province."

“What has stood out to me about the work of YWAM is their commitment to build relationship and to work alongside our people in seeing good outcomes.

They’ve stayed in our villages, trekked with backpacks full of supplies, travelled in boats along our coast and have come to know and love our people. Our health workers and provincial administration look forward to their visit every year – its more than getting a job done, its about working with friends. 

Friends that share our common vision - excellent rural service delivery."

“We are very excited to see the newly refitted MV YWAM PNG ship now heading our way, even better equipped than last year.  In 2015, on the maiden voyage, more than 1,500 patients were seen, and more than 800 immunisations provided, to our people in remote places in just five days.  This was all in collaboration with 15 of our own health workers on outreach patrols.  We make a great team."

“Our donation today re-affirms our partnership and appreciation for 2015.  It also gives me great pleasure to couple this with a 2016 funding commitment of K250,000,” said Governor Juffa.

YWAM Medical Ships Managing Director, Ken Mulligan, said he was grateful for the Oro Provincial Administration’s support.

“We greatly value our relationships in Northern Province, and appreciate Governor Juffa’s lead in helping get this rural service program established."

“MV YWAM PNG returned to Papua New Guinea just two weeks ago, following the completion of Stage 2 of the vessel’s refit; including the construction of a new dentistry clinic, day procedure unit, laboratory and the addition of a new, much-larger patrol boat that will transport teams and supplies from the ‘mother ship’.

“In addition to having much greater capacity to deliver services, we now have more opportunity to build capacity in the local health workforce and dental, medical and ophthalmic students by giving hands-on experience alongside our onboard health professionals.

“I believe it’s a exciting day for Papua New Guinea – together we are positioned to directly impact thousands of lives,” said Mulligan.

The MV YWAM PNG is currently in the Gulf Province for the first outreach of the year, delivering primary health care, optometry, dentistry, eye surgeries and training to rural communities in the Kikori district.

There are 100 volunteers from 18 different nations aboard for the voyage including 17 Papua New Guineans.

Other major contributions to YWAM Medical Ships' 2015 operational funding were Steamships Trading Company, InterOil, Puma Energy, PNG Ports Corporation, Milne Bay and Western Provincial Governments and Australian Aid. Major capital contributors to the vessel purchase included the PNG National Government and Morobe, Milne Bay, Central and Western Provinces.

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