Juffa calls on Health Minister to explain Dr Niblett’s situation

Opposition MP and Governor for Oro Garry Juffa has called on the Health Minister Michael Malabag to explain why Oncologist Dr John Niblett has been ordered to leave the country.

Dr Niblett has served as Chief Radiation Oncologist for more than 20 years in the only Radiotherapy Unit in PNG based at Lae.

Juffa said that Niblett has made a huge contribution to cancer treatment in the country over many years and doesn’t deserve to be treated like this.

Niblett was in PNG from 1973 to 1987 and he returned in 2007.

The National Department of Health has now instructed Niblett that his contract will not be renewed and Immigration has told him that he must leave PNG by May 20.

Juffa called on the NDoH to explain why the doctor has not been paid for the last eight months and not given airfares or travel allowance when he has given dedicated service to cancer patients in PNG.

“He has worked with a team to give radiation treatment to patients and has advertised and highlighted the need for radiation services and the steps that must be taken to advertise those services.

“He has raised funds from donors for support and extension of services,” Juffa said.

Juffa added that Niblett’s harsh treatment shows the inequity of the National Government’s Dual Citizenship Act.

He said Niblett and other professionals have given years of dedicated service to PNG but are not permitted to gain citizenship and are banished at short notice.

Efforts to talk to Health Secretary Pascoe Kase by email and mobile phone did not receive any response.

Quintina Naime