Enga Governor

Governor calls on Govt to fulfil commitment

The project is funded under a counter-part funding between the State and the China Export-Import Bank worth K513 million (US$160m).

Enga Governor, Sir Peter Ipatas, is now calling on the State to live up to its commitment.

Foundational work at the Enga Provincial Hospital has taken a rather slow pace, with funding constraints forcing contractor, the Guangdong Foreign Construction Limited, to limit its expenses.

The contractor is also indebted to suppliers and needs the funding component from the State to off-set arrears and pick up the pace of the construction.

Forget petty politics: Enga Governor

Sir Peter made this appeal when welcoming the other Highlands governors for the Governors’ conference in Enga today.

In preparation for the signing of the decentralisation of powers to the Enga Provincial Government on Friday, Governor Ipatas is confident that Enga will be a model province in the Highlands region to trial out the autonomy.

He added that even though Enga has been labeled as the least developed province in the region, he is confident that Enga will change for the better in the next few years.

Ipatas calls for AFP presence

He said people’s interest have not been considered when the then Governor for Morobe Luther Wenge sought legal suit against the Australian police.

Governor Ipatas said the removal of Australian police from the country was only to please few politicians and not the majority of the people.

He said the law and order issue in the country is a concern and must be given priority by the Government.

He urged MPs to support him and recall the Australian police to our country.

Calls for more soldiers in Enga

Enga Governor Peter Ipatas says they are seeking to have more soldiers on ground to help deal with the law and order problem in the Province.

He said the soldier’s deployment would be under the NEC sanctioned Call Out for the Southern Highlands, Hela and Enga Province following the devastating earthquake.

Ipatas said since the call out only 20 soldiers were deployed to Enga.

Enga Provincial Police Commander, George Kakas confirmed that 20 soldiers arrived in Enga last Thursday but 10 had to return to Southern Highlands Province.

VIDEO: Ipatas appeals for peace

He said this ongoing matter has jeopardised many lives in the province; and this needs to stop.

Sir Peter noted that the fight was instigated politically, adding that there needs to be a strong approach to this matter.

He said there are over a hundred security personnel still in the province, especially in the affected areas, and this is costly for every one adding that the government must step in to do everything they can. 

Ipatas retains seat

Ipatas reached the absolute majority of 50.1 per cent with 146,000 of the total allowed ballot papers of more than 300,000 votes.

The runner up Jeffrey Balakau secured 66,000 votes after the final elimination.

Meantime, THE party candidate Sandy Talita finished third with 65,000 votes.

Today’s victory will make Sir Peter’s 5th term to be elected into Parliament.

Meanwhile, the counting for Kandep, Lagaip Porgera and Wapenamanda are still in progess.

Election manager Anton Iamau says most of the seats are anticipated to declared by this afternoon.

Dr Tongamp is new leader of People’s Party

Sir Peter passed on the leadership after moving to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s party People’s National Congress.

“I move to PNC leaving the People’s Party in safe and capable hands under the leadership of Jiwaka Governor, Dr William Tongamp.

“As the Leader of the People’s Party, he will provide the direction that is needed for people of the Highlands in the next Parliament,” Sir Peter said.