Forget petty politics: Enga Governor

Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas has called on his people to look beyond their province and forget about petty politics in the province.

Sir Peter made this appeal when welcoming the other Highlands governors for the Governors’ conference in Enga today.

In preparation for the signing of the decentralisation of powers to the Enga Provincial Government on Friday, Governor Ipatas is confident that Enga will be a model province in the Highlands region to trial out the autonomy.

He added that even though Enga has been labeled as the least developed province in the region, he is confident that Enga will change for the better in the next few years.

“For so long we have been neglected and now is our time to showcase what we have.

“We are confident to run our province.”

Governor Ipatas reiterated that Enga Province is very fortunate to be given autonomy.

The other two provinces that were also given autonomy were New Ireland and East New Britain.

“Apart from all the Highlands provinces, Enga is privileged to get the autonomy,” he stated.

He further stressed that Enga must prove to Prime Minister Peter O'Neill and the Government that they are capable of running their own province.

PM O'Neill will be officially signing the autonomy agreement tomorrow in Enga.

(Enga students welcoming leaders into their province today)

Freddy Mou