Sir Peter pushes for AFP involvement

Enga Governor, Sir Peter Ipatas, says he will continue to push for the Australian Federal Police to assist the country in addressing law and order problems.

Sir Peter specifically stressed on white-collar crime (corruption) in high offices.

“We cannot pretend that we are alright as a country with the alarming law and order problem situation,” he said when applauding Australia for supporting Enga’s infrastructural development.

“It's not only the street thugs and tribal fights, I am particularly concerned with stealing in high offices.

“If we cannot come up with realistic measures to topple this chronic disease of stealing, mainly by people who are supposed to protect the system, this country is doomed.”

Sir Peter said he will take the agenda of involving the AFP in fighting corruption and petty crime in the coming national elections as one of his People’s Party platforms.

“The people, including the leaders, are not supporting my continued call to deploy Australian police to lift our police force's collapsing standard because they are involved in some of these ugly syndicates to destroy this country,” Sir Peter stated.

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