Car Accident

Police attend to accident

According to witnesses, the vehicle was travelling from Konedobu when it went off the road along the freeway.
The eyewitnesses stated that the driver was alone when the accident happened.  

The driver was badly injured and was rushed to the hospital.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) /NCD Central, Anthony Wagambie Jr confirmed that traffic officers were notified and arrived at the accident scene and towed the vehicle to the police station. 

Five injured in highway accident

The Mark 2 vehicle was traveling from 17 mile to Port Moresby when it veered off the road.

St. John Ambulance was at the scene minutes later, where officers attended to each one of them. The driver and passengers survived the accident.

Eye witness Joe Malai, in Tok Pisin, explained what happened.

Children Seriously Injured In Accident

Madang Provincial Police Commander, Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang said that a vehicle travelling from Madang town heading towards Walium veered off the road at Tapo along the highway.

PPC Rubiang said the vehicle went off the right side of the road and the passengers sustained injuries and had been admitted at the Madang General Hospital. He added that there were 29 people admitted with 11 people being treated for serious injuries. Three children aged between six and seven years old are among the severe causalities, suffering soft tissue injuries and are under observation.

One dead in traffic accident

According to the police report, the driver and the passengers of the vehicle were allegedly under the influence of liquor while traveling, when their vehicle veered off the road and crashed. Bystanders who witnessed the event, reported it to police and also assisted in bringing the wounded passengers and the deceased to the hospital.  

Car Accident Leaves One Dead

Madang Provincial Police Commander Acting Superintendent, Mazuc Rubiang said police Mobile Squad 14 officers were at the scene of the accident. The officers reported that the truck that the woman was in, was traveling from Ramu to Markham to pick up passengers when it met its fate.

The police officers also reported that the parked vehicle belonging to the JTI Transport, had a mechanical fault and was stationary at the scene for two days.

Accident Puts Boy In Critical Condition

Madang Police Commander Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang said the officers were doing motorist patrol when they happened upon the accident scene and took the boy to the hospital. The bus in question was taken by police.

In another accident, a vehicle that was driven by a Chinese businessmen, went off road at Naru Mountain after the vehicle experienced a mechanical fault. Rubiang said there were no casualties.

Unidentified patient needs relatives


Port Moresby General Hospital surgical and Family Support Centre are currently appealing to the general public who are able to identify the patient to inform his relatives to claim him from the hospital.

The person, has been named as ‘Unknown Tuesday’ for the purpose of identification, simply because no one knows his real identity and since he was brought into the hospital on a Tuesday but his identity is unknown.

One dead, others injured in Manus accident

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu said the driver of the utility vehicle was a refugee, who was believed to have been driving without a license.

Four people, including two local women and another refugee were onboard the vehicle when it skidded and overturned near Salasia between 5 and 6 am.  

The driver sustained a fractured shoulder while one of the female passengers who sustained internal injuries passed away at the Lorengau General Hospital at 1pm today.

One dead in Sogeri crash

Central police commander Laimo Asi says the death took place when a hired PMV bus got into an accident outside the Rouna 4 area.

Unfortunately, Asi could not provide additional details as his traffic officers are yet to finalise the initial site report.

The PPC only confirmed that the bus was on hire from a church group at the time of the incident.

Asi says the initial time of the incident was at 7pm but not much detail of the incident was given as yet to his office.

Australian girl, 8, escaped a sinking car but family drowned

Chloe Kabealo said she had unbuckled her seatbelt and tried to "go up for air", then "just kept floating up out".

She said of her lost family members: "They were all loved and they'll never be forgotten."

Her father, who was not in the car, said he was "shattered" by the loss.

"I'm not holding up," Matt Kabealo said. "I'm just being strong for my daughter."

Chloe and her mother, sister and brother were in a car in the small town of Tumbulgum in New South Wales when it slid off a muddy road into a flooded river earlier this month.