Accident Puts Boy In Critical Condition

Police in Madang were quick to respond to an accident, and saved a boy who is in critical condition at the Modilon Hospital. The vehicle he was traveling in was hit by a bus at New Town over the weekend.

Madang Police Commander Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang said the officers were doing motorist patrol when they happened upon the accident scene and took the boy to the hospital. The bus in question was taken by police.

In another accident, a vehicle that was driven by a Chinese businessmen, went off road at Naru Mountain after the vehicle experienced a mechanical fault. Rubiang said there were no casualties.

Rubiang said, “It is now holiday and the students will be at home. Parents must take care of them and advise them not to walk unnecessarily on the roadside or beside it because there are different people driving different vehicles. Some of the vehicles have mechanical faults that can be involved in accidents and your child might be a victim. It is best to keep your children safe in the house.”

He added that drivers must obey traffic rules and register their vehicles so when the vehicle is involved in an accident, victims can claim compensation.

Sylvester Wemuru