Car Accident Leaves One Dead

A 25-year-old woman is dead when the PMV she was travelling in, ran into a vehicle that was parked near Watarais Primary School along the Madang-Lae Highway this morning.

Madang Provincial Police Commander Acting Superintendent, Mazuc Rubiang said police Mobile Squad 14 officers were at the scene of the accident. The officers reported that the truck that the woman was in, was traveling from Ramu to Markham to pick up passengers when it met its fate.

The police officers also reported that the parked vehicle belonging to the JTI Transport, had a mechanical fault and was stationary at the scene for two days.

PPC Rubiang said the driver of the truck was travelling at around 5:30am. The road was dark and it was foggy. The truck driver accidently ran into the KTI Transport truck.

“As he was driving he went straight into the other vehicle. The left side of the dyna hit the twin steer that left his wife’s (deceased) left leg smashed causing her to die on the spot due to loss of blood,” said PPC Rubiang.

He said the woman is from Morobe`s Raginam Village in the Markham area.


“Traffic accident (has) been happening everyday along the highway and drivers must be careful when driving.”


PPC Rubiang said that two weeks ago two people died in another road accident while travelling on a truck that was carrying betelnut between Ramu and Madang. He said on Monday morning another bus went off the road. It was overloaded with betelnut.

“Accidents happen on daily basis within Madang town and also outside the road, drivers read, hear and witness it but are still disobeying traffic rules. I am sorry for the man who has lost his wife and the families who have lost their relatives.

“Police investigation will reveal who is wrong. I also want to call on drivers of big trucks travelling along the highway to respect the other road users. If your vehicle has mechanical problem show signs by placing cones on the road to alert other drivers. When parking the vehicle make sure to park your vehicles away from corners.

“The ignorance of the traffic rules by the drivers had caused a lot of lives and that must not continue.”

Sylvester Wemuru