Five injured in highway accident

Five men were involved in a car accident at 16 mile, outside Port Moresby this afternoon after the vehicle they were traveling in went head first into a concrete slab.

The Mark 2 vehicle was traveling from 17 mile to Port Moresby when it veered off the road.

St. John Ambulance was at the scene minutes later, where officers attended to each one of them. The driver and passengers survived the accident.

Eye witness Joe Malai, in Tok Pisin, explained what happened.

“Mipla sindaun lo maket stap, kar em kam go antap. Ol singaut ‘buai on sale, buai on sale’. Ol go tanim antap lo 17 mile na kam bek ken. Ol kam bek ken ol singaut ken. Em nau kar em ran of lo lus grevol. (Driver) ino bin holim breik o draiv stret. Em ekselereit ken na em go daun lo drein. Disla ino nambawan taim lo kain eksiden kamap. Em namba faiv o siks taim.”

Loop Author