Children Seriously Injured In Accident

Three children are among 11 people seriously injured in a car accident along the South Coast Highway between Walium and Madang at 3pm on Tuesday.

Madang Provincial Police Commander, Acting Superintendent Mazuc Rubiang said that a vehicle travelling from Madang town heading towards Walium veered off the road at Tapo along the highway.

PPC Rubiang said the vehicle went off the right side of the road and the passengers sustained injuries and had been admitted at the Madang General Hospital. He added that there were 29 people admitted with 11 people being treated for serious injuries. Three children aged between six and seven years old are among the severe causalities, suffering soft tissue injuries and are under observation.

PPC Rubiang praised his policemen for taking the injured passengers to the hospital. He said the officers also assisted to cut open the driver’s door to remove the driver who was trapped inside.

“I had been talking everyday in the media about traffic accidents and the drivers are still ignorant and not obeying traffic rules and laws. Overloading is one of the major issues that police have been stressing. Police investigation will provide information on the cause of the accident.

“I am sorry for what had happened and hope they recover quickly. We see, hear and read about accidents everyday, so we must be mindful of what type of vehicle we are travelling on and the type of drivers driving us.”

Sylvester Wemuru