Boroko declared as betelnut free zone

This initiative is in alignment with the National Capital District Commission’s 2030 Vision for a Clean, Safe, Healthy, and Planned City and applies to both private and public transport like taxis and PMVs.

NCD Governor, Power Parkop stated that controlling and regulating of betelnut use promotes cleanliness, hygiene and a healthier environment.

Parkop called on business houses and city residents to join NCDC’s realization of a safe, clean, healthy and planned city goals.

Catholic-run schools embrace 'new normal'

With the existence of COVID-19, precautionary measures implemented include strict gate control, temperature check and hand sanitising.  

Don Bosco Technological Institute, Boroko, has commenced classes with a new timetable of three shifts. The last shift is the 6pm to 9pm workshop classes for residents of the Mary Our Help hostel and the St Francis de Sales Residence.

Young man wounded, tension high at Boroko

The youth was believed to be with the crowd that converged at the Boroko police station to get information on suspected kidnappers who were nabbed by police yesterday.

Police prevented the angry crowd from accessing the suspects, which led to the looting of shops next to the station.

The police tried to stop the crowd by firing shots, which allegedly resulted in the wounding of the youth.

The youth was rushed by bystanders to the Port Moresby General Hospital.

Tension is still high around the Boroko area.


Plans to make Boroko decent again

NCD Governor Powes Parkop highlighted this plan in a press conference yesterday. 

He said the process starts with introducing a clear traffic in the area.

This includes introducing one-way streets which would ease traffic congestion and allow for more pedestrians to walk the streets.

Reke, Turamu and Nita streets will become one-way streets, going from the west to the east.

Angau Drive will be opened again and made into a two-way street. Parkop says this will be the only two-way street in the area.

Spaces still available at Boroko market: Supervisor

This is according to Boroko market supervisor, John Bomai.

Bomai said after catering for everyone around the Boroko area, and especially the Gordon’s market vendors, more spaces remain available.

He said as far as he is concerned, since the opening of its gate to vendors, the market has been operating unexpectedly and exceptionally well for almost five weeks.

Bomai stated the main reason why some vendors from Gordon’s market refused to move to Boroko market was because they reside at the Gordon’s and Erima areas.

Turi warns NCD candidates

NCD Metropolitan police commander Ben Turi says police have advised all candidates to not drive into Boroko with huge truckloads of supporters.

He says there will be road blocks around the Five-Mile area as well as the Murray Barracks Taurama junctions. This is to deal with traffic flow into the area.

Turi suggested for candidates to utilise public places such as the Five-Mile, Jack Pidik or Gordon’s Unagi ovals, to address their supporters after they nominate; and not outside the Electoral Office.

Port Moresby's ‘ghost town’

Since the fire brought the line of shops to ashes, Boroko has been very hard to look at in the past week.

Opportunists were still rummaging through the ashes without police presence in the area.

Loop PNG visited Tabari Place and Boroko Craft Market to interview commuters this weekend and found out that since the fire, the area has become more and more unsafe.

Commuters who frequent Boroko because of their jobs, access to shopping centres and public services, like the bank and post office, said the area has become an eyesore.

Soldiers disarmed by Police in for questioning

Results from the questioning will determine the charges that will be raised against both officers.

 Both officers are currently being questioned by CID at the Boroko Police Station.

More details to come.

K10 million grant for new health facilities

Funding for the facility was made possible through the Incentive Fund, a partnership between the Governments of Australia and Papua New Guinea.

The 30-bed facility, to be called the Supportive Living Centre, will offer palliative care for terminally ill people and high quality care for the critically ill. It will also develop a support system to assist families to care for their terminally ill relatives at home.

Ex-Police Sergeant arrested, charged and detained by NCD Police

Pokop was refused bail and a Glock Pistol found in his possession was confiscated by detectives investigating the case.

Acting Assistant Commissioner of Crime Victor Isouve said to enforce Police Commissioner Gari Baki’s declaration of 2016 as the Year of Discipline the Constabulary is now vigorously investigating all allegations levelled against members of the Constabulary.