Boroko declared as betelnut free zone

As of yesterday the 26th of June, the Boroko Central Business District (CBD) area was declared a Betelnut Free zone, which means an immediate effect on no selling, buying, chewing, spitting and littering of betelnut.

This initiative is in alignment with the National Capital District Commission’s 2030 Vision for a Clean, Safe, Healthy, and Planned City and applies to both private and public transport like taxis and PMVs.

NCD Governor, Power Parkop stated that controlling and regulating of betelnut use promotes cleanliness, hygiene and a healthier environment.

Parkop called on business houses and city residents to join NCDC’s realization of a safe, clean, healthy and planned city goals.

Although Parkop acknowledged the betelnut’s provision for the people he described it as a menace to the health, hygiene and cleanliness of the city.

The penalties prescribed by NCD Betelnut Control Law 2020:

  • Trading/selling of betelnut in any form at public places attracts a penalty of K200
  • Buying, chewing, spitting and littering of betelnut in public places attracts a spot fine of K50 each
  • Transportation of betelnut without permit or in excess of allowable limit or in breach of permit terms and conditions attract a spot fine of K1,000
  • Allowing an aircraft or ship to transport betelnut into the city in excess of allowable limit or in breach of permit terms and conditions attract a spot fine of K5,000; and
  • Allowing property, commercial premises or public areas close to premise for storage, sales or chewing of betelnut attract a spot fine of K5000.

In addition, City Manager Ravu Frank said failure to pay the spot fines will lead to those not in compliance engaging in community works for two to six hours.

Those not in compliance would also be prosecuted and tried at the Boroko District Court and if found guilty, they will be imprisoned.

Frank added that 50 NCDC reserve police will be foot patrolling the area on a nine-hour shift with spot fines.

The betelnut free zone concept will be replicated in other CBD areas after monitoring the success in the Boroko CBD area.

Metropolitan Superintendent Chief Inspector, Silva Sika, ensured that his men will be deployed full time at the CBD helping NCDC reservists enforce the spot fines and penalties.

Sika calls on the city residents to change their bad attitudes of chewing betelnut in public places and must stop to bring the city to its former glory.