Spaces still available at Boroko market: Supervisor

There is still space for vendors to sell their produce at the newly-opened Boroko market in the nation’s capital.

This is according to Boroko market supervisor, John Bomai.

Bomai said after catering for everyone around the Boroko area, and especially the Gordon’s market vendors, more spaces remain available.

He said as far as he is concerned, since the opening of its gate to vendors, the market has been operating unexpectedly and exceptionally well for almost five weeks.

Bomai stated the main reason why some vendors from Gordon’s market refused to move to Boroko market was because they reside at the Gordon’s and Erima areas.

“This is the reason why they chose to do make shift markets long the roadsides at Erima.”

Bomai said there are no restrictions for them to come and sell their produce at Boroko.

He adds that awareness has been carried out for vendors to make their way to the new Boroko market; they are all aware of it.

He said claims of Boroko vendors chasing vendors from other markets away are all false and should not be entertained by buyers or anyone else for that matter.

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Annette Kora