Port Moresby's ‘ghost town’

The once iconic Tabari Place in the heart of Boroko now looks like a ‘ghost town’.

Since the fire brought the line of shops to ashes, Boroko has been very hard to look at in the past week.

Opportunists were still rummaging through the ashes without police presence in the area.

Loop PNG visited Tabari Place and Boroko Craft Market to interview commuters this weekend and found out that since the fire, the area has become more and more unsafe.

Commuters who frequent Boroko because of their jobs, access to shopping centres and public services, like the bank and post office, said the area has become an eyesore.

The Tabari Craft Market vendors also agreed that less people, especially tourists, are visiting the market these days.

“Boroko is becoming less attractive and because of the way our people acted during the blaze last Friday, we always have to look over our shoulders while making our way around the shops even though it’s broad daylight.”

The general public is now urging the NCD authorities as well as the Police to do something about this situation and return Boroko to its former glory.

Annette Kora