Google issues warning to location-sharing apps

Google has said apps which fail to comply with their data policy face being banned from its Play store.

It comes after Huq admitted to the BBC that at least two app partners had not sought the correct user permissions.

Huq said the firm took data protection "very seriously" and it believed all partners were now in compliance.

App partnerships and the sharing of data with third-parties is under increased scrutiny from regulators and policy-makers around the world.

Boat operators warned

He said operators of banana boats should take precaution and refrain from traveling in the open seas during times of strong winds.  

“My transport message is clear, let’s enjoy the festive season,” Mumu said.

Despite similar appeals being issued year in, year out, reports of missing boats continue in the maritime provinces.

The role of search and rescue under the transport sector falls under the National Maritime Safety Authority.

CEO of the National Maritime Safety Authority, Paul Unas, said one of its function is to coordinate maritime search and rescue.

​Do not buy vehicles on the street: Turi

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Commander Ben Turi, says police have gotten intel that criminals steal vehicles then restyle them.

The new-look vehicles are then sold to unsuspecting buyers.

When this transaction takes place, the buyer becomes an accomplice.

Turi says it is unwise to purchase illegally – when vehicles are sold without proper documents, it only means that it has been stolen and people should refrain from buying them.

One of the attractions would be the low pricing of the vehicles.

Turi warns NCD candidates

NCD Metropolitan police commander Ben Turi says police have advised all candidates to not drive into Boroko with huge truckloads of supporters.

He says there will be road blocks around the Five-Mile area as well as the Murray Barracks Taurama junctions. This is to deal with traffic flow into the area.

Turi suggested for candidates to utilise public places such as the Five-Mile, Jack Pidik or Gordon’s Unagi ovals, to address their supporters after they nominate; and not outside the Electoral Office.

Kuman warns schools not to charge project fees

And he has called on the Provincial Governments to implement the Governments Tuition Fee Free Policy and deal with those that are ignoring the abolishment of project fees.

“I’ve got the power under the Teaching Service Act, that power I can invoke that power and I can suspend the principals and the board. You must know that (and) I will do it.

If the Provincial Government and their administration if they cannot do it, I will do it for you,” he said.

Benjamin raises concern over safety of Manus people

He said the refugees have abused the peace loving nature of his people and are causing many problems in the province.

The warning was made in Parliament today following numerous reports of incidents allegedly caused by the refugees. The latest incident involved the alleged rape of a young woman.

The Governor said although the Provincial Executive Council passed a resolution for the refugees to remain in the camp, the Supreme Court decision of April 26 2016 rendering the camp illegal, allows for refugees to leave the camp at will.

Polye warns of turbulent days ahead

Opposition Leader and former Treasurer, Don Polye in a statement warned that effects of the Government’s numerous borrowings and reckless spending in 2016 will be felt in the 2017 Budget cuts.

Polye warned that Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and his government will again pass the buck down to the consumers, especially the little people who he says will suffer the most.

“Kina is not strong anymore, taking a downward trend and the buying power is fast diminishing,” warns Polye.