Plans to make Boroko decent again

The National Capital District hopes to make Boroko a thriving place once more, where families can walk around freely and without fear.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop highlighted this plan in a press conference yesterday. 

He said the process starts with introducing a clear traffic in the area.

This includes introducing one-way streets which would ease traffic congestion and allow for more pedestrians to walk the streets.

Reke, Turamu and Nita streets will become one-way streets, going from the west to the east.

Angau Drive will be opened again and made into a two-way street. Parkop says this will be the only two-way street in the area.

Governor Parkop added that the Centre Point Pedestrian Mall will be removed.

“This was designed for decent people to go out there and have a good time, entertainment. Now it’s become the hub for thugs and buai vendors, so time is up. It’s got to go!”

He said this development is to make at least one part of the city decent, with the ultimate goal to see it safe once more. 

Though the task is challenging, the Governor hopes to see it through.

Gloria Bauai