Conservation of the Kikori River Basin

The introduction of the supplementary teacher’s guidebook titled, “Conservation of the Kikori River Basin: A Teacher’s Resource Book for Primary Schools,” takes a significant stride in nurturing a new generation of environmentally conscious leaders dedicated to safeguarding this invaluable ecological gem.

Equipping teachers with a comprehensive curriculum, engaging activities, localized content, and collaborative opportunities, the guidebook enables the delivery of impactful environment education.

Kimbe market redevelopment houses top facilities

Taking center stage is the nearing completion of the Kimbe Market redevelopment project in West New Britain, which places great emphasis on environmental sustainability throughout its design. Here are the notable features incorporated into the market:

The market buildings will be equipped with an impressive array of 100 solar panels, harnessing the power of the sun to supply electricity and lighting, reducing the reliance on non-renewable energy sources.

Nature Park Supports Sustainability

Port Moresby Nature Park’s CEO, Michelle McGeorge spoke on a panel to discuss sustainable financing of protected area management, system level financing opportunities and how to leverage additional support from outside the conservation sector was.

She said, “Globally zoos are the third highest contributor to in-situ conservation in the world and also represent a great resource for partnership collaboration, training, research and knowledge.”  

H&M is going to start making clothes out of poop

As part of a sweeping plan to be 100 percent sustainable by 2040, H&M has invested in a wide variety of inventive products that are more environmentally conscious, including something people are calling "poop fabric." And, yeah, it's basically what it sounds like. Gross, right?!

DSIP budget must include tourism - eco-tour operator

Eco-tourism business owner Vincent Kumura says districts must promote sustainable eco-tourism as it is  necessary in the tourism industry.

Kumura is the managing director for Snow Pass eco-lodge located at Bundi in Madang Province.

He added that in order to sustain eco-tourism businesses there must be better access to government services such as road infrastructure, education and security.

Kumara highlighted that tourism must be sustainable because if one can't apply sustainable tourism practices, his or her business dies.