protected areas

Gazettal applications for PNG’s largest protected areas

PJV environment manager Charlie Ross and Dr. Thomas presented the applications to the Minister for Environment & Conservation and Climate Change and Member for Kompiam-Ambum, John Pundari, in Port Moresby on Thursday, 28 September.

The gazettal applications cover two of the largest conservation areas in Papua New Guinea.

Expert: Empowering communities vital for protected areas

Environment policy expert based in Japan, Anne McDonald, says working closely with resource owners and government agencies is vital in developing a management plan for PAs.

The Canadian environment policy scholar and Professor of Sophia University at Tokyo, in Japan, highlights the importance of involving landowners in decision-making for PA policies.

McDonald has conducted field research in Japanese agricultural and fishing communities for over two decades now.

She educates on how to balance economic development and environmental conservation of island nations.

Kwa: Benefit sharing must be included in Protected Area Bill

PNG Constitutional and Law Reform Commission Secretary, Dr Eric Kwa says the Protected Area Bill that is still being drafted, must focus on the development services that will benefit the people.

“The final PA Bill must have a benefit sharing provision that includes sustainable financing.”

Kwa said this while making reference to the Forestry Bill and Climate Change Bill that include benefit sharing.

He said the PA Bill must explain the benefits for the locals and landowners.

Capacity building vital to drive biodiversity conservation

University of Papua New Guinea lecturer at the Centre for Biodiversity & Natural Products Division of Biological Sciences, Professor Simon Saulei, says there’s not enough capacity building going on.

Speaking at a consultative workshop on Protected Area Policy, underway in Port Moresby, Professor Saulei explained that the success of long term sustainable biodiversity conservation and PA depends on capacity building, aimed at supporting individuals and institutions to effectively address threats to biodiversity.

Consultative workshop on protected areas set for this week

Papua New Guinea is a party to the Convention on Biological Diversity since the Rio Earth Summit in 1992.

The workshop will also discuss the protected area implementation plan and the National Biodiversity Strategic Action Plan (NBSAP).

The plan and the Protected Area Bill will become the main vehicle to implement the PNG Policy on Protected Areas, which was endorsed by the National Executive Council in early December 2014.

Together the policy and the plan will improve PNG’s implementation of the NBSAP.