Luther Wenge

Governor calls for LLG election deferral

Governor Wenge said with the nationwide census still underway, resources, including manpower, are already stretched thin. 

He emphasised that both the census and LLG elections are important national events that require time and planning, to ensure a successful conclusion.

“These people, not completing the census, will be asked again to conduct the election,” he stated. “And there will be an insufficient number of people to make sure that both events take place, and take place successfully.  

‘Nogat Marasin Campaign’ gets support

The ‘Nogat Marasin Campaign’, initiated by concerned Lae residents, presented a petition to Morobe Governor, Luther Wenge, last Monday (November 6th).

Despite promising the group that he will raise the issue in the 2nd Provincial Governors’ Conference on November 7th and 8th, he did not keep his word hence members of the campaign are planning on attending the Provincial Executive Council meeting tomorrow (November 14th), to hold the governor and PEC members accountable.

“Nogat Marasin Campaign” frustrated

Wenge received the group’s petition on Monday, and promised to raise it during the 2nd Provincial Governors Conference this week. However, he did not do so.

The “Nogat Marasin Campaign” was recently started by a group of concerned Lae residents from the media industry, health and education sectors and also members of the civil society.

The initiative was started to highlight the chronic shortage in medicine and medical consumables, and push mandated leaders and agencies to find and implement solutions. 

Nadzab relocation update

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Lands, John Rosso, said they are working with the Morobe Governor, Luther Wenge, and his administration to establish the planning of Morobe’s new provincial headquarters at Nadzab.

“Eighty per cent of the work is already done and it’s just a matter of finalising the relocation of our provincial headquarters and building a brand new township at Nadzab,” said Rosso.

“This will also help alleviate housing issues for our people in Morobe Province.

Wenge vows to help farmers

Speaking at yesterday’s launch of a 10-year insurance partnership at Kapao Rural LLG, Wenge made a commitment to help export the Hamtai Coffee Group’s produce directly to international markets.

“Mitupla bai expotim kofi straight to the consumer,” he told the coffee farmers.

“Straight to the coffee table at America, straight to the coffee table at Germany, to Australia and straight to Galilee at Jerusalem.

Tertiary students air concerns

Students had been going back and forth for over two weeks now to ensure they are included in the provincial government’s Gerson-Solulu Scholarship.

Frustrations mounted when officers within the scholarship office kept sending them away to fulfill more requirements. Furthermore, student leaders expressed concern that the K20 million set for tertiary students would be insufficient.

Governor clarifies tuition fees

“Ol bai baim displa skul fi go lo akaunt blo ol displa skuls,” he said. (They will deposit the fees in the respective schools’ accounts.)

“Nesenol Gavman em committed lo mekim, na ol stat peim K300 million go pinis. (The National Government has made the commitment, and has already started by paying K300 million.)

Ol board of management tasol mas sekim akaunt blo ol lo make sure displa mani kam insait o nogat. (Schools’ board of management need to check their accounts to confirm whether the money is there.)

Plans for Morobe’s new capital city

During the Parliament sitting on Tuesday 10 January 2023, Governor Wenge made this announcement when thanking the government for providing K150 million for the land expansion program to be carried out by the Department of Lands & Physical Planning.

“We are considering moving the capital of Lae city, capital of Morobe, in the city of Lae to Nadzap.

“We are going to make that announcement very shortly,” said the Governor.

Governor Wenge expressed that before the move can happen, purchase of land by the government from traditional landowners needs to take place.

Wenge proposes railway system

Governor Wenge states that the land area from Lae City to Water Rais and Ramu in Madang Province, sits on a bed of water.

“It doesn’t matter how much to whatever degree that we try to patch the road or extend the road, there will always be potholes.

“I want us to make history in this country, and I want to propose to you Prime Minster, can we begin to construct a railway on posts,” said Governor Wenge.

Support for Morobe PM

Leaders from the new Wau-Waria electorate said it is about time a prime minister is appointed from Morobe.

Morobe’s Governor-elect, Luther Wenge, was eyeing the top spot way before elections started.

After his declaration in Lae on Friday, the 5th of August, he reiterated that he wants to be the first Prime Minister from Morobe Province.