Police Confiscate Guns

East Sepik Provincial Police Commander, Albert Beli said the man escaped and police have confiscated the homemade guns and the tools used to make the guns.

He said the guns uncovered from the man’s house look similar to factory made guns. PPC Beli said police acted on a tip off provided to them about the illegal making and selling of the guns.

Marape calls for surrender of guns

Marape made this call today after visiting his people recently.

Whilst in the province, Mr Marape met with elders from Huli and Duna in Pori and discussed ways of dealing with tribal issues back home.

“I have made it absolutely clear that murderers must surrender guns ( home-made or factory made) and present themselves to Police, only then will I, as the chairman of my council of Huli Elders hand down our compensation decisions.

Minister uncovers guns fiasco

And a shocked Lands Minister Justin Tkatchenko wants to know why?

He said the guns were purchased during the election period with the police commissioner issuing the licence upon the former secretary’s direction.

The licence holders are not even public servants.

Minister Tkatchenko wants the two Guns handed over the police.

He described the situation as “Total Disgrace”.

 “I backed the Prime Minister’s call and other leaders of our country, I backed their call to totally ban guns in PNG.

Guns to be banned in PNG

He said in order to do this, gun laws must be amended to be more stringent with people caught with illegal weapons.

Minister Wong signed a moratorium on the 4th of October 2017 banning the purchase and issuance of new gun permits to citizens across the country until further notice.

The Police Minister said: “I took the measure because of the increasing number of gun related violence and killings reported in certain parts of the country in recent times.

Indonesia helps RPNGC with APEC fire arms training

ACP Manning made this remark during the “Dispatch of experts on small fire arms, protocol and security conference management” organised by the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Port Moresby on Monday.

 “I’d like to acknowledge the presence of the Indonesia experts who are here to share their skill and experience with our local police.

“The two countries have been maintaining a strong bilateral relationship. With the dispatch of experts of small firearms to PNG, we are tying another knot in the policing area and we really appreciate it," Manning said.

VIDEO: Toy gun confiscated

Lae Police foot beat unit members were in for a surprise following a bust of two suspects in possession of rolled marijuana which they were about to sell. 


More from Imelda Wavik.

50 guns for Joint Services College

He said as one of the disciplinary forces that sends its men to the college, RPNGC is obliged to help in any way. 

“As Commissioner, I am obligated to help because this institution is responsible in helping train our men and women,” Commissioner Baki said. 

He stated that the weapons will be used for training purposes only.

The 50 rifles are part of the 250 that were confiscated by the PNG Customs last year and kept at the Igam Barracks.

Milne Bay youths surrender guns and homebrew equipment

About 200 youths from the two wards surrendered a homemade gun, two sets of live ammunitions and nine gas cylinders.

Among the youths are seven mothers who brew and sell homemade alcohol (steam) to the youths in order to earn income especially single mothers.

The mothers did not attend the ceremony but surrendered their homebrew equipment.

Milne Bay provincial youth coordinator for the Community Development Division Vicky Wesley said the youths have surrendered on their free will in order to make a change and have a fresh start.

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