Minister Maru to visit Indo for trade talks

The minister says Papua New Guinea (PNG) needs to work on developing a very strong, deep, and robust relationship with Indonesia.

Softballers off to Makassar

A squad of 11 players and team officials left the country on Sunday to participate in the annual international Softball championships. The competition will feature high-ranking softball-playing nations like the Philippines, Japan, Australia and New Zealand.

Marape sets record straight on West Papua Meet

Marape in a statement said the release of a statement last week about his meeting with the Indonesian President Joko Widodo was done without his consent and moved to correct what he termed as misinformation.

This he said is to alleviate concerns raised within Melanesian Solidarity Group (MSG) countries, West Papua, Indonesia, and the international community.

PNG congratulates Indonesia on its 78th independence anniversary

This was the message from the minister assisting the Prime Minster, Justin Tkatchenko while addressing the Independence Dinner of the Republic of Indonesia at the Indonesian Embassy in Port Moresby recently.

“I take this opportunity on behalf of our Prime Minister, to wish the President, the Government and the people of the Republic of Indonesia, a happy 78th Independence Anniversary.

President Widodo departs

The bilateral meeting at the APEC House with Papua New Guinea government leaders led by Prime Minister James Marape had the two leaders discuss economic relations, shifting focus of formal talks from border issues to trade, business and people relations.

Prime Minister Marape announced that President Widodo has committed a K55 million grant for facilities at the Port Moresby General Hospital, the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and the mortuary. 

The Indonesian delegation and President Widodo including PNG government leaders have vacated APEC house for their departure. 

First Bali-POM Citilink Flight lands

The arrival of the Indonesian regular commercial flight marks the formal opening of a regular international route between Bali and Port Moresby, with two flights scheduled per week.

This milestone comes as a result of the 2013 Air Service Agreement between the two governments, which allowed for commercial airlines from both countries to operate between their destinations.

Previously, Air Niugini operated weekly flights from Port Moresby to Bali, but they were discontinued in 2018 due to operational reasons.

Aidan Ltd prepare for business trips

The company aims to empower entrepreneurial professionals and create International Business Pathways (IBP) for Papua New Guinean businesses.

Two IBP Presentations are scheduled for the 19th and the 27th of April 2023, for entrepreneurs to know more about the IBP Model and system for SMEs who are looking to find overseas suppliers and buyers to grow their businesses.

Tkatchenko to discuss West Papua with Indonesia

He says the agenda will include discussions on Indonesia’s sovereignty, and their handling of the West Papuan issues and how these issues affect Papua New Guineans and the people of West Papua.

Tkatchenko says, “There’s been a lot of allegations about human rights issues that have been brought up with the Pacific Islands Forum and also with the governments, previous governments and governments of Papua New Guinea over many years.”

Reciprocal Visa Exemption signed off

This was announced by Minister for Foreign Affairs, Justin Tkatchenko today before his travel to Indonesia.

Minister is concerned with these outstanding issues and aims to ratify long overdue corporation, agreements and treaties over the next coming months.

“We have officially passed the Reciprocal Visa Arrangements between Papua New Guinea and Indonesia so those that have a Diplomatic Passport or Official Passport can get Visa on arrival here in PNG and also in Indonesia.

Tkatchenko travels to Indonesia

The long outstanding Border Agreement was reviewed three times with the latest review in 2013. Minister Tkatchenko on Wednesday 15th of March Parliament sitting, successfully rectified the process.

The ratification will pave the way for both governments to review the current status of the border and constructively address outstanding issues that affect both countries.