Minister uncovers guns fiasco

Two guns have been purchased with public funds belonging to the lands department.

And a shocked Lands Minister Justin Tkatchenko wants to know why?

He said the guns were purchased during the election period with the police commissioner issuing the licence upon the former secretary’s direction.

The licence holders are not even public servants.

Minister Tkatchenko wants the two Guns handed over the police.

He described the situation as “Total Disgrace”.

 “I backed the Prime Minister’s call and other leaders of our country, I backed their call to totally ban guns in PNG.

“And it came to a huge shock that here I am in my own department, and we’ve got people that have purchased guns with lands department funds.

“Unbelievable! Total disgrace!

He said this should have never happened and they will get to the bottom of it.

The Minister said he will work with the police and the police commissioner to retrieve the guns and destroy them.

“I’m really curious to know why public servants in the lands department need to have a gun.”

Charmaine Poriambep