50 guns for Joint Services College

Police Commissioner Gari Baki presented a total of 50 guns to the Joint Services College at the PNG Defence Force Igam Barracks, in Lae, Morobe Province, last week.

He said as one of the disciplinary forces that sends its men to the college, RPNGC is obliged to help in any way. 

“As Commissioner, I am obligated to help because this institution is responsible in helping train our men and women,” Commissioner Baki said. 

He stated that the weapons will be used for training purposes only.

The 50 rifles are part of the 250 that were confiscated by the PNG Customs last year and kept at the Igam Barracks.

He said all the weapons have been cleared. They belong to the police department and the rest will be distributed to the police commands around the country.

Commander for the Joint Services College, Colonel Karl Wrekonei, said the donation of the weapon is timely and thanked the Commissioner. 

“We have four key challenges and one of those is logistics. Weapons come under logistics. It is a big challenge,” Colonel Wrekonei said. He said the Igam barracks did not have any weapons and the donation will greatly assist their training programs.

Commissioner Baki further pledged his support for the College.

“We will continue to support the college in the replacement of weapons, field equipment, skills, when and where we can,” the Commissioner said.

He said the while the Constabulary is going through its weapons standardisation phase, RPNGC will not hesitate to help the college and move some of its access weapons to support the college.

(Commissioner Baki formally presenting the weapons to the Commandant of the Joint Services College, Colonel Karl Wrekonei)

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