Guns to be banned in PNG

Police Minister Jelta Wong has issued a ministerial statement that aims to ban all guns in the country.

He said in order to do this, gun laws must be amended to be more stringent with people caught with illegal weapons.

Minister Wong signed a moratorium on the 4th of October 2017 banning the purchase and issuance of new gun permits to citizens across the country until further notice.

The Police Minister said: “I took the measure because of the increasing number of gun related violence and killings reported in certain parts of the country in recent times.

“These include the shooting of four policemen – two in Enga and two in the Southern Highlands province during the height of the 2017 elections.”

However, the Minister said the country’s three disciplinary forces, which include the defence force, Police and Correctional Services, are exempted from the moratorium.

In compliance with this Government directive, the police commissioner, who is also the registrar of firearms, will not approve new applications for purchase and issuance of new gun licences.

(Police Minister Jelta Wong)

Meredith Kuusa