Police Confiscate Guns

A man who had been producing homemade guns is on the run after fleeing his home in Wewak’s Saure village.

East Sepik Provincial Police Commander, Albert Beli said the man escaped and police have confiscated the homemade guns and the tools used to make the guns.

He said the guns uncovered from the man’s house look similar to factory made guns. PPC Beli said police acted on a tip off provided to them about the illegal making and selling of the guns.

“Police then carefully gathered the information and headed to Saure village, which is some kilometers away from Wewak town. The policemen arrived at the man’s house but he had escaped upon sighting the police. The man is known to police and we will find him. I want him to report to the police station and clear himself.

PPC Beli said the homemade guns are of high quality and is a threat to the community, when there is no control of such weapons going around within the community. Some of the people who are doing this must know that the weapons they make are adding more trouble in the communities.

He said the weapons could one day harm your family members when you sell it to the wrong people.

Meantime, PPC Beli said since the 2022 Election is coming up, he wants the community to report such activities to the police.

He said the guns could be used to cause problems during the elections and can be used by criminals for robberies, break-ins and other serious criminal activities.


“I am appealing to the communities to report illegal activities throughout the province, including making illegal firearms, brewing homebrew and making other offensive weapons. We all must work together to minimize crime in the province.”

Sylvester Wemuru