Liquor ban in Madang for peaceful celebrations

Only certain clubs, hotels and restaurants have been permitted to sell alcohol to their guests.

According to Provincial Police Commander Acting Superintendent Robert Baim, the ban will help police monitor hot spots where home brew trade takes place. It will also allow them to crack down on the illegal factories (production spots) of homebrew and to apprehend suspects.

Police patrol reveal change in Hanuabada

The return of policing services to the city’s big village was made possible through a week-long awareness by police last week on the production and sale of homebrew in the village.

The Motu Koita reservist and NCD police officers conducted foot patrols in areas where homebrew is sold and gave back positive feedback, reporting a non-sale of alcohol in the village.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Silva Sika expressed satisfaction with the results and commended the people of Hanuabada for obeying police orders and working together to make the village safe again.

Woman Arrested For Making Homebrew

East Sepik Provincial Police Commander, Albert Beli said the police officers on the Christmas operation received information of the production of homebrew at a settlement near the Mobil area.

He said police officers then acted on the information and proceeded to the location and arrested the woman while she was brewing homebrew inside her house, while her husband escaped.

The man ran away when he saw the police while the woman was busy with her business when the police arrived.


Awareness team attacked by drunk youths: Police

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said the team went to Mataworei on Wednesday, May 20th, to conduct COVID-19 awareness when the drunk youths came into the area and started a fight then attempted to attack the government and police officers.

“Their actions had disrupted the awareness and the people attending the awareness were frustrated with their behaviour,” stated PPC Yapu.

PPC Yapu said the matter was reported to his office by the awareness team and on Thursday, May 21st, he dispatched a team to the area.

Mobile squad tipped off on illicit spirits

PPC Manus Chief Inspector David Yapu said the section of mobile squad, under the command of sergeant Steven Karmi and Senior Constable Herman Ipai, whilst on routine patrol were tipped off on a boat coming into town to sell homebrew. 

When the boat arrived at the boatshed, police searched it and confiscated 41 containers of homebrew; illicit spirit in 600ml plastic containers.

The operator of the boat, who was also the owner of the homebrew, jumped out of the boat and swam out to sea.

Homebrew producers beware!

The NCD Task Force will be carrying out numerous raids at identified homebrew hot spots in settlements as well as obscure residential areas.

Task Force Commander, Mark Mosinakave, says his personnel will be out in full force to deal with the issue of homebrew on the community level by taking out the root cause of the issue, the suppliers.

“This issue of homebrew has long been ignored but not anymore. The Task Force is here to make a difference and effectively deal with this illegal activity.”

Police to crack down on homebrew issue

NCD Taskforce Commander, Mark Mosinakave, says despite the destructive nature of the homebrew production and sales, people are still carrying out this illegal activity.

“They think that what they are doing is good for them, but they do not realise that they are affecting the community as well as contributing to law and order issues,” he stressed.

Massive homebrew haul at Vadavada

Between 3 and 5am today, the personnel carried out the raid at the Vadavada settlement area and in the process, detained a family of six.

NCD Taskforce commander, Mark Mosinakave, outlined that the suspects were under surveillance by police who were tipped off about the illegal production they were carrying out.

The raid held six people, a husband and wife, their son and granddaughter and two other male relatives.

The raid produced 160 litres of steam stored in numerous containers as well as pre-packed 500ml containers along with 10 buckets of the illicit spirit.

Oro to ban yeast sales

Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector, Lincoln Gerari said many problems in the province are Homebrew related and yeast is the main ingredient that makes that illegal alcohol.

Gerari said he had been given support by the three MPs in the province and is anticipated to start enforcing the ban shortly.

"I will be visiting schools and communities about the ban.

"There is an increase in lawlessness due to the increase in the production of homebrew," he said.

9 arrested over homebrew

The nine aged between 28 and 45 years were apprehended at Buliso village in the Bupi Chupen Lelemadih LLG and taken to the Lorengau by their ward councilor.

Amongst the nine was a female who admitted to taking part in the sale of homebrew.

Manus police commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu told Loop PNG the woman was warned and later released due to lack of evidence.

He said items used in the production of home brew were also surrendered by the accused persons to Police on Tuesday this week.