Donald Yamasombi

New motorcycles for Wewak police

Acting Deputy Police Commissioner and Chief of Operations, Donald Yamasombi, said the last time Wewak residents saw policemen on motorcycles was about 20 years ago. He said this time the younger generation will get a chance to see and appreciate the role of traffic police mounted on these classic looking police motorcycles.

While officiating at the handover ceremony in Wewak last week, Deputy Commissioner Yamasombi urged traffic police personnel in Wewak to use the motorcycles wisely and look after them with great care and responsibility.

Relatives urged to clear Highlands Highway

Yamasombi made this call following reports that relatives of a policeman who was killed in Hela Province yesterday are allegedly setting up roadblocks today along the Simbu Province section of the Highlands Highway to target people from Hela.

“Whilst I am shocked and saddened with the killing of 45-year-old policeman Sergeant David Hale, who hails from Salt Nomane, Gumine in Simbu Province, I do not want opportunists to take advantage of his killing and harass, intimidate and worse, injure or kill, innocent members of the travelling public.

NCD police reservists to be recalled for APEC

In a statement, Commander of NCD/Central Assistant Commissioner, Donald Yamasombi, said as part of this special security operation, he is anticipating the re-engagement of all volunteer reservists based in NCD to help increase the city’s police manpower strength.

ACP Yamasombi said the volunteers comprised of mostly affectionate and dedicated citizens from within the public and public sectors.

“They were previously known to have used their spare time to do police work outside of their normal employment,” he said.

Commander firm on demolition directives

Speaking to this newsroom, Commander Yamasombi said the demolition will still go ahead regardless of the refusal of some families still living in the single quarters.

A tour of the single quarter barracks today saw most families moving about as normal as contracted workers progressed the cutting of the rest of the last few trees in the area, all under the watchful protection of a unit of the mobile squad.

Gordon’s single quarters set for demolition

Earlier this afternoon saw the first phase of the demolition take place as contractors chopped down the raintrees.

Present to witness this was the NCD/ Central Commander, Donald Yamasombi, and officer-in-charge of the Gordon’s Barracks, Chief Sergeant Jeffery Simewa.

Commander Yamasombi told the tenants that apart from the 15 genuine families who had remained after missing out on housing at the new Bomana barracks, they will be the only ones that will be looked at for relocation.

Yamasombi ordered eviction

Yamasombi who met with the evictee’s of Section 95 allotment 6 yesterday, said he had issued the approval after being presented with documents by opposing the party of the tenants, which he states was in order.

“The orders when cited seemed to be in order. There was a Court Order and there was also a summary warrant which enables police to move upon the preises to carry out eviction.

“Those were in place so obviously I issued instruction for that eviction to be caried out.”

Alcohol, substance abuse behind accidents: Report

These also include alcohol-related violence in families and within communities.

NCD/ Central Divisional Commander, Donald Yamasombi, stressed this on Tuesday during the launch of RPNGC Christmas operations whilst challenging NCD residents on making the festive period ‘accident- free’.

Yamasombi said Port Moresby, as we all know, is the berthing port of PNG.

Christmas, a time of reunion, reconciliation and reflection: Yamasombi

Yamasombi was speaking today during the launch of police operations for the festive period at Jack Pidik, 5 mile.

“Christmas is a time of reunion, reconciliation and reflection” he said.

Yamasombi said his priority come 2018 is to improve police accountability in terms of personal conduct and response time to reported incidents, as well as matters under investigations to be thoroughly investigated within the time frames.