State of Emergency (SoE)

Payment of SOE allowances processed

The officers are mostly for the NCD personnel for whom the Department of Finance and Bank of South Pacific are processing payments at present.

The Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) Human Resource Division has confirmed that the need to process allowances in two tranches is a result of administrative delays by zone commanders in submitting relevant paperwork.

As a consequence, and after allowance are paid respective zone commanders will be required to provide details on why delays occurred and potentially face administrative action.

Return all stolen properties

Gerehu residents in possession of stolen properties were given 24 hours as of Saturday 13th January, to return all stolen items voluntarily.

The recovery effort by the police and PNG Defence Force started, Gerehu residents given the day to return all items believed to be looted from the Brian Bell warehouse a Gerehu stage 6 on Wednesday.

Update on SHP state of emergency

Manning, who is the Operations Commander for the SHP SOE 2018, said the SOE operation is intended to rebuild the police force in the province.

Commander Manning said: “We will instill public confidence in the police and restore the integrity of police by conducting operational duties independently to bring back peace in the communities.

“Our job is to rebuild the police force in the province and ensure a higher degree of policing services is available to the various communities and that the police-public relationship is improved.

Call for SOE is unnecessary, says Potape

Instead, he is calling on his colleague members of parliament to return to the province and take a lead in restoring normalcy to the province.

Potape was responding to media reports today where Member for Koroba Lake Kopiago, Philip Undialu called for a state of emergency to be declared in Hela Province. His call was supported by the Member for Tari Pori and Finance Minister James Marape.