Commander firm on demolition directives

The NCD/ Central Commander, Donald Yamasombi, is standing firm on the directives issued for the demolition of the single quarter blocks at Gordon’s Police Barracks.

Speaking to this newsroom, Commander Yamasombi said the demolition will still go ahead regardless of the refusal of some families still living in the single quarters.

A tour of the single quarter barracks today saw most families moving about as normal as contracted workers progressed the cutting of the rest of the last few trees in the area, all under the watchful protection of a unit of the mobile squad.

Yamasombi said the unit is there to look on and disperse any group with intention to interfere with the instructions while the contractors continue their duty of chopping down the rain trees.

An adamant commander said the tenanted families do not have a choice but to move out before the backhoe moves in for the demolition.

While this obviously looks that it will take some time, families have ample time now to move out as after the trees are cut down and removed by the end of today, a fence will be erected around two of the three blocks and the machines will move in to take over from there.

Despite some families’ refusal, the demolition will go ahead.

Annette Kora