Gordon’s Police Barracks

Gordon’s barracks demolition halted

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, confirmed that this has come about following a court order issued by the district court last week.

The order restrains the police hierarchy from removing tenants and occupants from the three single quarters of the single barracks.

Meanwhile, the families and tenants remain housed at the barracks until the courts arrive at a decision.

The next court hearing is set for this Wednesday (Feb 28).

Commander firm on demolition directives

Speaking to this newsroom, Commander Yamasombi said the demolition will still go ahead regardless of the refusal of some families still living in the single quarters.

A tour of the single quarter barracks today saw most families moving about as normal as contracted workers progressed the cutting of the rest of the last few trees in the area, all under the watchful protection of a unit of the mobile squad.

Gordon Police take on housing matters

This issue has been raised countless times with the latest being early this year and even late last year regarding the housing issue for policemen and women that are residing at the Gordon police barracks single quarters.

The barricade put up this morning at Gordon police barracks came about as an aftermath frustration of a fire that had almost taken place last Friday in the single quarters.

Police families moving to Bomana

This move comes after a barricade was put up at 4am today to protest the longstanding police accommodation issue in the National Capital District.

NCD/Central Commander, Sylvester Kalaut, said has no choice but to respond to the woes of his policemen.

A good number of families have already made their way up to the Barracks to claim their homes and clean up around the houses.

"We cannot wait any longer so we are going to make the move ourselves, given the okay by our good commander to move in regardless," says the wife of an officer.

Risking his job with Bomana decision

Commander for NCD/ Central police, Sylvester Kalaut, told the frustrated families this morning after they had barricaded the police barracks gate since 4am, stopping police vehicles from refilling at the police fuel pump.

“Since the General Election is approaching us, the policemen cannot sit back and watch their families suffer like this,” Kalaut says.

He said they were told that funding was from the government and not the Police department; it was beyond the control of the police management and hierarchy.