Is there a safe limit of alcohol you can drink? New guidelines from Canada say there's not

The report by the Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) marks a big shift from its previous guidelines in 2011, which recommended no more than 15 drinks for men and 10 drinks for women per week to reduce long-term health risks. 

They're also dramatically different to current Australian guidelines, which say healthy men and women should drink no more than 10 standard drinks a week. 

SJA Warns Against Unregulated Alcohols

Drunk people will be the biggest burden for the ambulance service and hospitals over the Christmas period.

Drunken fights, Drunk drivers, Drunk risk takers and such actions all result in injuries to the drunk person, and sadly other people too.

The Christmas usually period see a rise in trauma-related emergencies for the ambulance service and hospitals.

Dr. Mangu Kenino said injuries and accidents during the festive season are often a result of excess consumption of alcohol.

Alcohol restrictions drive illegal trade: Report

This warning was issued today (January 12th) in a new report by the Transnational Alliance to Combat Illicit Trade (TRACIT).

Illicit alcohol seized

The items were then destroyed at their Vector Control Division’s yard at Gordon’s. 

The operation was conducted in conjunction with PNG Customs and the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC).

Upon learning about the undeclared alcohol items with other declared ones in a container, PNG Customs officers impounded it for formalities last Friday.

The importer, MH Suppliers Limited, is in China whilst PNG Customs Service and agent Cindy and Roy (PNG) Limited was doing its clearance.

Rising alcohol-induced violence prompts police ops

NCD-Central Commander, Acting Assistant Commissioner, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, said some parts of the nation’s capital have recently experienced ongoing fighting and drunken brawls, prompting police to intervene to quell the situation.

While appealing to city residents to drink and behave responsibly, the Commander said over the past three weeks, a number of fights were reported in the ATS settlement, Two-Mile Hill, June Valley and Nine-Mile, but quick police action prevented these fights from escalating.

Police suggest alcohol restriction in city

Perou N’Dranou voiced his concern following the increase in alcohol-related violence, especially the two deaths that were reported during the State of Origin night, then another in the early hours of Thursday.

N’Dranou said though the three deaths were from two separate incidents, they were all linked to alcohol abuse.

“It started when people are drinking, disturb the other group then the other retaliate and then we have a tribal warfare in the city,” he stated.

No tax change on cigarette, alcohol and luxury goods

Treasurer Charles Abel announced this in Parliament today when tabling the 2019 Money Plan.

The indexation excise rate on alcohol has been suspended for 18 months meaning that excise rates will be maintained at the 1st June 2018 levels and after 18 months, the excise rates will be reduced to a 2.5 percent increase every six (6) months.

For tobacco, the indexation excise rate will be suspended commencing 1st December 2018, and thereafter, reduced to 2.5 percent increase every six (6) months.

New Ireland sets new alcohol policy

Under this policy, beer may be sold by any trade store in any location as long as they register with the Liquor Board.

It may sound strange, but the policy to allow beer to be sold without restriction is to improve law and order.

According to research, when alcohol sales are banned, especially on holidays, drunken behaviour and crimes increase.

A trial to allow the sale of alcohol on certain holidays over the past 5 years has shown drunken altercations and crime declined.

Infamous ‘white house’ raided

Led by the NCD Superintendent Operations, Commander Michael Tilae, more than 50 cartons of assorted alcohol were confiscated.

Tilae told this newsroom that the raid was conducted in accordance with the breach of liquor sales regulations and also the Easter period liquor ban.

The ‘white house’ is a popular hangout for alcohol consumers and/or an afterparty spot for party goers in Port Moresby.

“There were people still in the premises when my team conducted the raid this morning at 7am,” Tilae said.

Alcohol, substance abuse behind accidents: Report

These also include alcohol-related violence in families and within communities.

NCD/ Central Divisional Commander, Donald Yamasombi, stressed this on Tuesday during the launch of RPNGC Christmas operations whilst challenging NCD residents on making the festive period ‘accident- free’.

Yamasombi said Port Moresby, as we all know, is the berthing port of PNG.