Police suggest alcohol restriction in city

The NCD Metropolitan Superintendent is of the view that the sale of alcohol should be restricted in Port Moresby.

Perou N’Dranou voiced his concern following the increase in alcohol-related violence, especially the two deaths that were reported during the State of Origin night, then another in the early hours of Thursday.

N’Dranou said though the three deaths were from two separate incidents, they were all linked to alcohol abuse.

“It started when people are drinking, disturb the other group then the other retaliate and then we have a tribal warfare in the city,” he stated.

This has been ongoing for many years.

“I’d like to appeal to authorities, it’s about time we restrict alcohol. I have been making this call from years back.”

While police do not have a proper data system to give the exact percentage of crime committed under the influence of alcohol, police confirmed the three major incidents from last week were alcohol-related.

“In my view, we should start controlling the sale of liquor. It’s been abused too long. It does not give much than just money.

“What’s money compared to life? That’s my call given my experience the past two years, we tend to have more crimes all influenced by alcohol, especially assault in the families.”

Unless residents become more responsible, the call for an alcohol ban has been issued.

“So let’s drink responsibly if we want to maintain the use of alcohol. Otherwise, I’m calling for a ban for the appropriate authority to look at.”

The St John Ambulance has also supported the report of alcohol-related incidents.

The consumption of alcohol and violence coinciding with the State of Origin has increased. The decider matches are usually the highest.

“We see this time and time again, and this year, this final games seems to have consistently been the worst with the amount of alcohol and violence that we see consumed,” said CEO of St John Ambulance PNG, Matt Cannon.

The St John Ambulance responded to 13 incidents between Wednesday 6pm and Thursday 6am.

Sally Pokiton