Rising alcohol-induced violence prompts police ops

Alcohol-induced violence is posing a big challenge for law enforcers, especially violence involving different ethnic factions dwelling within the city.

NCD-Central Commander, Acting Assistant Commissioner, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, said some parts of the nation’s capital have recently experienced ongoing fighting and drunken brawls, prompting police to intervene to quell the situation.

While appealing to city residents to drink and behave responsibly, the Commander said over the past three weeks, a number of fights were reported in the ATS settlement, Two-Mile Hill, June Valley and Nine-Mile, but quick police action prevented these fights from escalating.

Wagambie said because of this, the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Chief Superintendent Perou N'Dranou, initiated a special operation targeting drunk and disorderly behaviour in the city. The strategy code named “Drunk Patrol” is aimed at arresting and locking up drunk people who are causing problems in public places within the city.

Every Friday night, NCD police will patrol the streets of Port Moresby in efforts to contain drunk and disorderly behaviour, Wagambie said. He said some offenders are locked up for their own safety and for the safety of others as well. In some cases, due to the huge number of arrests, drunks are subdued, cautioned and later released when they have sobered up.

“People who are overly intoxicated and clumsy to a point where their own safety is at risk in a public place, we detain them for a short period and release them once they sober up,” Wagambie Jnr stated.

“We understand their rights, but we have a duty to protect lives and properties too and that’s exactly what we are doing. The Metsup will meet with National Capital District Commission officials soon to discuss issues concerning liquor licensing in the city. We have to control the sale of liquor, in our effort to reduce alcohol induced violence,” Wagambie said.


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