New Ireland Provincial Executive Council

PEC deliberate on Parliament bills

Due to the short notice given by the National Government on today’s Public holiday, an executive decision was made to go ahead with the Provincial Implementation Committee (PIC) and Provincial Executive Meeting (PEC).
During the PEC, members fully supported the seven bills that will be presented by New Ireland Governor, Sir Julius Chan as a private members bill before Parliament next week. 
The bills to be presented by the Governor include; 

Gov’t told to honour commitment

Chairman for Infrastructure and Works, Andrew Minkiong said, “We have been waiting on the national government for over 25 years, which the provincial government has gone ahead to build roads and bridges along the Lanzarote Highway.

“The National Government must now honor its commitment under the MOA signed in 2007 and pay back the Provincial Government,” said Minkiong.

The Lanzarote Highway begins at Namatanai town all the way down to Metlik at the southern tip of the island of New Ireland.

Decentralization of PHA functions to NIPG

Governor Sir Julius Chan said, this will enable the province to have direct control and coordination of health services from the Department of Health through the PHA to the Provincial Government. The move is important as New Ireland progresses towards achieving its autonomous status.

The Provincial Executive Council (PEC) has also approved of annual funding for free primary and subsidized health care programmes and commencement of the mobile and floating clinics in the province.

NIPG declares war on logging

This follows Governor Sir Julius Chan’s stance in Parliament to declare war on logging companies in New Ireland Province.

“It has become evident to the New Ireland Government that there is systematic corruption within the Forestry sector, including the disrespect and disregard of the people of New Ireland to their own forest resources,” stated the provincial government.

“The policy submission pointed out that there was poor regulation, monitoring and surveillance of the forestry sector with increasing environmental negligence and destruction.”

New Ireland sets new alcohol policy

Under this policy, beer may be sold by any trade store in any location as long as they register with the Liquor Board.

It may sound strange, but the policy to allow beer to be sold without restriction is to improve law and order.

According to research, when alcohol sales are banned, especially on holidays, drunken behaviour and crimes increase.

A trial to allow the sale of alcohol on certain holidays over the past 5 years has shown drunken altercations and crime declined.