No tax change on cigarette, alcohol and luxury goods

Treasurer Charles Abel announced this in Parliament today when tabling the 2019 Money Plan.

The indexation excise rate on alcohol has been suspended for 18 months meaning that excise rates will be maintained at the 1st June 2018 levels and after 18 months, the excise rates will be reduced to a 2.5 percent increase every six (6) months.

For tobacco, the indexation excise rate will be suspended commencing 1st December 2018, and thereafter, reduced to 2.5 percent increase every six (6) months.

Tobacco use jumps 80% in top-grossing movies

However, there was an 80% increase in incidents of tobacco use in those movies from 2015 to 2016.

The numbers are prompting concern from public health researchers and advocates over the effects these scenes have on young people's behavior.

"We've known for a while that the more you see smoking on screen, the more likely you are to see youth smoking cigarettes in real life," said Michael Tynan, lead author of the report and a public health analyst at the CDC's Office on Smoking and Health. "There's a causal relationship between the two."

Want to be killed by tobacco?

Take a moment today on World No Tobacco Day to reflect on health problems that tobacco use can cause.

Tobacco use is still one of main factors behind the global non-communicable disease crises.

Highlighted in the Tobacco Free Pacific 2025, tobacco use is the major cause of preventable premature death in many Pacific islands.

Stop tobacco and betelnut!

This was the message from WHO Country Representative to Papua New Guinea, Dr. Pieter van Maaren.

“The incidence of oral cancer is rising, primarily caused by the chewing of betelnut, with the associated mustard and lime,” stated Dr van Maaren in his World Cancer Day message on Feb 4.

“Combined with tobacco use, the risk of developing oral cancer further increases.

Time to tax Tobacco: A dreaded killer in PNG

Smoking affiliated diseases range from cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, pulmonary diseases, lung cancers, oral cancers and many more.  Cigarette and tobacco smoking which is an addictive social lifestyle practice is truly a global dilemma in terms of healthcare burden and associated costs.

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Peter O’Neill calls Manus centre a problem that should end

Papua New Guinea's prime minister says Australia's asylum seeker detention centre on Manus Island is a problem that has damaged his country's reputation.

Sirinumu water level at critical stage

WHO warns of rising betel nut and tobacco use

The WHO said both substances are known carcinogens and using them together worsens their impact and heightens addictiveness.

The WHO's technical officer for non-communicable diseases in Suva, Ada Moadsiria, said betel nut use is also thought to exacerbate diabetes and increase the likelihood of heart attacks.

"It can make the management of diabetes much harder. And for people who have high blood pressure and high cholesterol, what can happen is a substance in betel nut is thought to actually result in more fat accumulation in the arteries, thereby making it worse."

Smokeless tobacco users exposed to more nicotine, cancer-causing chemical

More research is needed on the toxic components of smokeless tobacco products and the health of people who use them, write the researchers from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

"It’s not uncommon for people to use smokeless tobacco as an alternative to cigarettes in an attempt to wean themselves off smoking," said Dr. Frank Leone, who is director of the University of Pennsylvania's Comprehensive Smoking Treatment Program in Philadelphia. "There are much safer ways to substitute sources of nicotine."