Return all stolen properties

The State of Emergency (SOE) Controller, Acting Deputy Commissioner of Police Donald Yamasombi warned those still holding onto stolen items must return them or have their homes searched.

Gerehu residents in possession of stolen properties were given 24 hours as of Saturday 13th January, to return all stolen items voluntarily.

The recovery effort by the police and PNG Defence Force started, Gerehu residents given the day to return all items believed to be looted from the Brian Bell warehouse a Gerehu stage 6 on Wednesday.

Yamasombi said under measure number 2 of the SOE orders, security personal will move into any premises suspected to remove these items and charge the person for in possession of stolen properties if they do not comply with the orders.

This warning comes after NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Silva Sika on Saturday 13th January, urged Gerehu residents to return all stolen properties, with a good number of items were picked up yesterday.

Sika said: “Under the new theme of the SOE order issued by the Controller, police are being given the right to search residents. Police will be searching houses without a search warrant to retrieve stolen properties if residents do not comply with the orders.”

He said the police will be operating under the new operation known as, “Take back Port Moresby”.

Sika said the operation will be carried out within the suburb of Gerehu and move to neighboring areas and into the settlements.

“We kindly ask the citizens, if you have stolen something you must now bring it back peacefully to the police without any charge,” Sika said.

“We know exactly what the bigger shops like Brian Bell Warehouse sell and we will not stop until we retrieve everything,” he said.

Metsupt Sika said police are now in the recovering stage to restore peace, allow businesses to operate, and normalcy to return for many city residents.   

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