Demolition along proposed Hagen highway

This newsroom was informed that under the supervision of military personnel, properties have been demolished.

While some property owners have expressed dissatisfaction in the manner the demolition exercise took place, and the undervaluing of some of their properties, they say they will be compensated and hope the Government comes good with the payment.

Properties along the 4 kilometre stretch of road have been broken down to pave way for the much anticipated road infrastructure, giving a new facelift to PNG’s third largest city.

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Gordon’s barracks demolition halted

NCD metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, confirmed that this has come about following a court order issued by the district court last week.

The order restrains the police hierarchy from removing tenants and occupants from the three single quarters of the single barracks.

Meanwhile, the families and tenants remain housed at the barracks until the courts arrive at a decision.

The next court hearing is set for this Wednesday (Feb 28).

Mobile squad units secure barracks

Commander of NCD Barracks, John Daviaga, told Loop PNG that tenants have been intimidating the workmen, hence the security measure.

“After this, we’ll have the water and power disconnected,” Daviaga said.

“Everyone should vacate this place by this afternoon.

“Whoever defies the Police Commissioner’s directive will be dealt with severely.”

Commander firm on demolition directives

Speaking to this newsroom, Commander Yamasombi said the demolition will still go ahead regardless of the refusal of some families still living in the single quarters.

A tour of the single quarter barracks today saw most families moving about as normal as contracted workers progressed the cutting of the rest of the last few trees in the area, all under the watchful protection of a unit of the mobile squad.

Gordon’s single quarters set for demolition

Earlier this afternoon saw the first phase of the demolition take place as contractors chopped down the raintrees.

Present to witness this was the NCD/ Central Commander, Donald Yamasombi, and officer-in-charge of the Gordon’s Barracks, Chief Sergeant Jeffery Simewa.

Commander Yamasombi told the tenants that apart from the 15 genuine families who had remained after missing out on housing at the new Bomana barracks, they will be the only ones that will be looked at for relocation.