Health awareness promoted

The Southern Region 9s tournament has provided an avenue for promoting social issues such as HIV/AIDS, Violence Against Women and Girls, including general medical checks.

Tournament organisers said, “It is our responsibility to show respect to women and girls as partners in life and communities.” 

Constitutional Awareness At Arawa

This follows the region-wide launching of awareness and consultation program for the Constitutional Planning Commission, which was concluded in Buin last Thursday.

Members of the CPC in Central Region, led by coordinator Douglas Pisi, and Director of Justice, Dennis Kuiai, addressed the teachers and students of Arawa Secondary School on Friday morning, explaining the BCPC and its importance in creating a homegrown constitution for a new sovereign state of Bougainville.

Wong sends condolence message

He relayed this message at yesterday’s the launching of a handbook by the Council of Churches supporting the government’s COVID-19 vaccination efforts in Port Moresby.

“I pass my condolences to the families of our people who have lost loved ones to this dreadful disease that has engulf our country,” he said.  

To date, the National Control Centre has reported 266 COVID-19 related deaths and 24, 041 COVID-19 cases.

TruTru Wara support Pinktober

Through this partnership the PNGCF has visited over 20 locations across 5 provinces this month under the Pink Ribbon Labelled Tru Tru Wara Bottled Water.

Awareness in schools on illicit drugs

Mathew Nelson and his team engaged with students and teachers of schools including Kila Kila Secondary School, Koki TVET and Sevese Morea Primary, to educate students on the negative impacts of drug abuse and trafficking.

Nelson said no one is immune from the devastating consequences of drug abuse and illicit trafficking.

After speaking with the students and teachers, he is sure that students have a fair idea of the consequences associated with abusing and trafficking marijuana and homebrew, especially among their peer groups.

Desalination awareness starts in Central

The awareness began after the formal handing over of the pilot project in three islands in Manus.

Fisherman Island outside Port Moresby was the first area visited by the team.

Hula village in Central Province was also visited on Friday.

National project coordinator, Tom Anayabere, said after the awareness program, the team will later prepare and test a portable desalination plant in the area as a formal technical demonstration.

Other areas that will be visited by the team include Ihu in Gulf Province, Milne Bay, Northern and Western provinces.

Awareness for water project to be done

National project manager of the desalination plants, Tom Anayabere, said the aim of the awareness is to get the interest of the community, as well as donor agencies, so that they will see the importance of it and continue to support such projects.

“I will be conducting awareness at Fisherman Island in NCD, Hula village in Central province, Ihu in Gulf, Kwato in Milne Bay and we will stop by at Dogura along the way to Northern Province and conduct an awareness there, and also Taraparuru and finish at Tufi.

Free cancer awareness workshops

This will take place on August 7th and 14th at the Royal Papua Yacht Club, in recognition of the Daffodil Campaign.

Each Cancer Education & Awareness Workshop will run for an hour and will be conducted by the PNGCF health educator.

The workshop will focus on cervical and breast cancer, signs and symptoms and the importance of prevention and detection as a way to reduce their risk of developing these cancers in the future. Each workshop will end with a question & answer session.

Catholic priest calls on people to vote wisely

Father Mathias Lopa, head of the PNG Caritas Rabaul Archdiocese highlighted this during a recent LPV Awareness program at Rataval Ward in the Bitapaka LLG of Kokopo District.

With two weeks before the polling period he urged voters who had gathered at the Ratavul Community Hall to watch out for corrupt activities.

He called on the people to vote wisely.

Meantime, he was pleased with the outcome of the day’s event which was facilitated by Caritas PNG Tapo Parish Youth and initiated and sponsored by Kokopo Open Candidate Edward Lamur’s Campaign Team.

Boobs and Brass: The female band raising cash for breast cancer

Eleven years on, they have raised £200,000 for charity and have more than 600 members across the UK.

On Friday, Boobs and Brass was given the BBC Music Day Brass Band Award, for the band that best embodies the BBC Music Day 2017 theme - "the power of music".

The band was born when brass musicians Jane Nichols and Maggie Betts decided to call on all the female players they knew for a charity concert.

With a 25-strong band, the friends expected to raise a few hundred pounds. In fact, they took £5,000.