Increase Vaccination Rollout: PM

He said this at a dinner on 28th February, hosted for CEOs of PHAs, COVID-19 Task Force, NDoH and partners who are in Port Moresby for a week-long planning workshop on COVID-19 vaccine rollout in the provinces.

Prime Minister Marape said the workshop is timely when PNG will conduct its 2022 National General Elections amid the pandemic. 
He said the country could not have survived the pandemic without the efforts put in by the cadre of health care workers in the provinces and healthcare establishments.

PX Overseas Flights Need Yellow Vaccine Card

For passengers who have been vaccinated in PNG, they are required to produce the yellow International Vaccination Certificate which is issued by the PNG National Department of Health.  

The green domestic vaccination certificate is not sufficient.

Bulldogs part ways with John Asiata following Covid-19 vaccine refusal

The NRL has not mandated the vaccine but have allowed clubs to and it’s understood Canterbury have become the first side to lose a player over the issue.

Asiata, 28, had only just joined the Bulldogs on a one-year deal after playing in 2021 with the Broncos.

The 28-year-old told the Bulldogs last month he’d rather work on a construction site than be inoculated.

Club bosses warned Asiata last week he’d be sacked if his stance didn’t change.

Christians Urged To Be Obedient

The Council comprises of the Catholic, Lutheran, United Church, Baptist and the Salvation Army. Each is standing by to support health experts during awareness drives.

General Secretary of the PNG Council of Churches, Reverend Roger Joseph and United Church Moderator Reverend Bernard Siai made these remarks when announcing their support for the vaccination roll out in the Nation’s Capital.

Reverend Joseph urged Christians to obey our leaders and to take the vaccine as a sign of love for a neighbor.

Vaccines don’t make people sicker if they get COVID

Vaccination Is Voluntarily: Uguro

He made this call in response to teachers having misunderstanding on the vaccination.

Minister Uguro told this newsroom from France that the Government is not forcing teachers to be vaccinated, as it is up to them to decide.  

“As a Minister responsible, I am doing my job by appealing to our teachers and citizens to do the right thing.  Importantly we must follow our own conscience.

Vaccination To Help Tourism Industry

At the official opening of the first ever national contemporary arts exhibition in Port Moresby last Friday at the APEC Haus, Minister Leonard stressed that mass vaccination of the country’s population would change the tide and give confidence to foreign tourists to visit Papua New Guinea.

He said culture, creative industry in PNG is an untapped industry, and to him it is like a sleeping giant that if given the recognition it deserves, it would contribute to the national purse and assist in nation building.

Church Leaders Uncertain

They expressed their thoughts at a press conference yesterday, Friday 5th of November, led by BOC Deputy Chairman, Pastor Michael Wilson, in which a 21-day prayer and fasting was called.

He said the churches had met previously and discussed the issues surrounding COVID-19, which had affected the daily lives of everyone.

He related to the two precious 21-day prayer and fast, which were held during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and second wave in 2020 and 2021.

Airlines increasingly unlikely to fly unvaccinated passengers to Australia

Most international airlines who fly into Australia are likely to accept only vaccinated passengers, with larger carriers now considering whether it is logistically and commercially viable to sell tickets to unvaccinated travellers. Some carriers have had their allocation of unvaccinated passengers capped at zero.

Partial lockdown of Waigani Supreme and National courts

In a statement issued by Jack Kariko, Secretary for the National Judicial Staff Services, the scale down came into effect on yesterday 19 October. It will be lifted next Tuesday 26 October.

Kariko said only urgent court matters will be heard during this partial lock down period.

Further, the statement stated that all staff are required to get vaccinated and are required to show the ‘green vaccination card’ before they can be allowed entry into the premises.

The notice also applies to all court users.