Taking TB awareness to communities in the City

Individual Foundation and Kaugere clinical staff talked on general TB awareness and risks, protection and prevention, treatment and care, medication adherence, drug resistance, and importantly, stigma and discrimination associated with TB.

The Foundation’s Senior Accountant Ivy Frank, who is a long-time resident of Gabutu took the lead in organizing the event with Kaugere Clinic staff, local church leaders and the surrounding community.

Parents urged to monitor daughters during elections

During an awareness conducted at Kalo village in Hula recently, Gimana raised concerns on underage pregnancy that is affecting young girls in the village. 

"During the election period, a lot of candidates and supporters will carry cash to lure voters and young girls can become venerable to such situations," Gimana said.

He said young girls have become vulnerable to unsafe sex because of ignorance and called on parents to monitor the movements of their daughters during the election period.

Awareness vital in city waste management

In Papua New Guinea’s major cities and towns, whether it is Kokopo, Mt Hagen, Goroka, Lae or the nation’s capital Port Moresby, citizens must be educated on the importance of waste management.

Like in Japan, education and awareness must begin at a very young age where children are able to grasp the information and easily incorporate it in their everyday life.

Education at the elementary school level is important in Japan and that is the current practice for the well-developed and industrial country.

Manus islanders receive awareness from government officers

80 provincial administration officers from 16 divisions at the Manus Provincial Administration office are currently carrying out awareness to educate the communities in the province.

The 16 divisions include planning, environment, education, health, commerce, tourism, technical services, community development, forestry and fisheries.

The awareness is on their roles and functions at the provincial administration office.

Mbuke Ward Councilor Selarn Kaluwin said this is the first time the officials have visited the people to carry out awareness.

More awareness needed on child rights

Front line child protection service provider Femili PNG advocates the rights of children and has revealed that there’s a lack of knowledge on child rights by most people.

Femili PNG operations manager Denga Illave said it’s a challenge they face every day.

Illave said they have child abuse cases reported to them with the lack of knowledge on the rights of children by the caregivers and by those who report the case.

She said another challenge is that care givers claim compensation as a solution to the abuse.

About 200,000 typhoid-related deaths occur worldwide annually

Typhoid fever occurs predominantly in association with contamination of sewage to the water supply and poor hygiene; flying insects may also transfer bacteria to food. Shellfish, particularly oysters, grown in polluted water and fresh vegetables grown on soil fertilised or contaminated by untreated sewage are other possible causes.

Police carry out awareness in community

Commander for North Bougainville Police, Inspector Aili Spencer urged the community to be prepared and be able to ask questions to the officers conducting the awareness. The locals were urged to clarify anything that has to do with the law and order in the community.

He said all sections within the police department will be represented by an officer and therefore it is better for people attend and ask questions if they have any doubts.

The public must not see this awareness as belonging to the police or those who conduct awareness, but rather a two way conversation.