National desalination project manager Tom Anayabere

Awareness for water project to be done

National project manager of the desalination plants, Tom Anayabere, said the aim of the awareness is to get the interest of the community, as well as donor agencies, so that they will see the importance of it and continue to support such projects.

“I will be conducting awareness at Fisherman Island in NCD, Hula village in Central province, Ihu in Gulf, Kwato in Milne Bay and we will stop by at Dogura along the way to Northern Province and conduct an awareness there, and also Taraparuru and finish at Tufi.

Solar desalination plants in Mbuke complete

This Pacific Environment Community Fund project has progressed ahead of schedule on the islands of Bipi and now, Mbuke and Whal.

National desalination project manager, Tom Anayabere, said all Sojitz engineers, who are in charge of the installation of the plants, departed Lorengau on Nov 29. They left for Japan via Port Moresby for their three-week Christmas break.

They will return early January 2017 to continue with the remedial works on Whal Island, installation and final checks on Mbuke and Bipi.

Locals' training on water project starts

They will go through training on how to operate and maintain the 6 solar-powered desalination plants on Bipi before the project is formally commissioned and handed over to them.

This will also happen in the other four islands in Manus who are recipients of this water project.

National desalination project manager, Tom Anayabere, said testing, certification and commissioning will take place this Friday on Bipi Island.

“All desalination works on Bipi Island will be completed by this Sunday. Next week we will start with Mbuke Island,” Anayabere said.