Free cancer awareness workshops

The Papua New Guinea Cancer Foundation (PNGCF), in partnership with JM Ocean Avenue, will be conducting two full days of cancer education & awareness workshops.

This will take place on August 7th and 14th at the Royal Papua Yacht Club, in recognition of the Daffodil Campaign.

Each Cancer Education & Awareness Workshop will run for an hour and will be conducted by the PNGCF health educator.

The workshop will focus on cervical and breast cancer, signs and symptoms and the importance of prevention and detection as a way to reduce their risk of developing these cancers in the future. Each workshop will end with a question & answer session.

PNGCF CEO, Dadi Toka Jr, says the Daffodil Campaign is a month long event, held throughout August that represents hope for a healthy PNG.

“During the campaign, PNGCF will focus its awareness on empowering Papua New Guineans to challenge themselves to reduce their risk of cancer by making healthy lifestyle choices.”

He is encouraging individual, communities and corporate houses in Port Moresby to register (free) and attend the cancer education workshops to learn more about cancer and cancer prevention.

“Smoking tobacco, chewing betelnut and consumption of alcohol are all scientifically proven to increase your chances of getting some types of cancer, including mouth, breast and cervical cancers,” he stated.  

“Reduce your cancer risk by making healthy lifestyle choices such as: Don’t chew betelnut, don’t smoke, reduce your alcohol intake, eating healthy and exercising regularly.”

The Daffodil Campaign Cancer Education & Awareness Workshop is available in Port Moresby only.

PNGCF thanked JM Ocean Avenue, Royal Papua Yacht Club, Moore Printing and DHL for sponsoring the Cancer Education & Awareness Workshops for the 2017 Daffodil Campaign. 

Annette Kora