Mystery robocalls urge US voters to 'stay home'

Millions of voters have reportedly received automated calls telling them to "stay safe and stay home".

Americans are voting in one of the most divisive presidential polls in decades, pitting incumbent Republican Donald Trump against Democrat Joe Biden.

The origins of the calls remain unclear, and some have not specifically mentioned voting.

"There's a little bit of confusion about this one across the industry," Giulia Porter, vice president at RoboKiller, a company that fights robocalls, told the Reuters news agency.

​Disgruntled voters behind Boroko commotion

Disgruntled voters, who had turned up very early to cast their votes, were behind the incident.

According to voters who were already standing in line at the polling site, officials had arrived and had set up at the location.

About 20 to 30 minutes into the start of polling, other voters were told that they (officials) couldn't continue as they were instructed to pack and head back to their main office.

Some voters tried to physically express their frustrations but were quickly intercepted by police.

Catholic priest calls on people to vote wisely

Father Mathias Lopa, head of the PNG Caritas Rabaul Archdiocese highlighted this during a recent LPV Awareness program at Rataval Ward in the Bitapaka LLG of Kokopo District.

With two weeks before the polling period he urged voters who had gathered at the Ratavul Community Hall to watch out for corrupt activities.

He called on the people to vote wisely.

Meantime, he was pleased with the outcome of the day’s event which was facilitated by Caritas PNG Tapo Parish Youth and initiated and sponsored by Kokopo Open Candidate Edward Lamur’s Campaign Team.