Manus islanders receive awareness from government officers

Manus islanders from Mbuke Island in the Pobuma LLG were visited today by provincial government officers to carry out awareness to the community.

80 provincial administration officers from 16 divisions at the Manus Provincial Administration office are currently carrying out awareness to educate the communities in the province.

The 16 divisions include planning, environment, education, health, commerce, tourism, technical services, community development, forestry and fisheries.

The awareness is on their roles and functions at the provincial administration office.

Mbuke Ward Councilor Selarn Kaluwin said this is the first time the officials have visited the people to carry out awareness.

Kaluwin said because the province is made up of many isolated islands, the people lack this kind of information as many aren’t able to travel to town to consult the officers regarding their issues.    

He said the locals were happy to have this exposure and were privileged to have the team in their area.

“The locals now understand and are aware of the right channel to follow and who to see regarding their development plans, projects and programs.

“We have a lot of projects and programs but we need partnership to be able to effectively implement them and this awareness has opened up opportunity for us.

“This gave the opportunity for the villagers to ask questions and opened up engagement with the officers on any programs and projects they would like to take on in these areas,” Kaluwin said.

The community is currently working on various projects including infrastructure survey, eco-tourism proposal and environment conservation projects.

Kaluwin added that whatever information they gave is very important to the people as they’re privileged to have access to this information at the village level.

The community thanked the provincial administration for coming up with the awareness initiative.

Picture courtesy of Selarn Kaluwin

Quintina Naime