Parents urged to monitor daughters during elections

Police Station Commander for Kwikilaia in Central Province, Chief Sergeant Kwaipo Gimana has raised concerns over underage pregnancy and the spread of HIV/AIDS during election time.

During an awareness conducted at Kalo village in Hula recently, Gimana raised concerns on underage pregnancy that is affecting young girls in the village. 

"During the election period, a lot of candidates and supporters will carry cash to lure voters and young girls can become venerable to such situations," Gimana said.

He said young girls have become vulnerable to unsafe sex because of ignorance and called on parents to monitor the movements of their daughters during the election period.

The team were well received by the Kalo villages, where a lot of people were not aware of election related offences.

The awareness is part of the three phase elections operational plan for the Central Province.

The three phase election operation includes;

1. Pre-election operation which includes general awareness and intelligent gathering;

2. Election proper operation which incudes polling and counting; and

3. Post-election.

The Central Police team has covered the Abau and Rigo Open electorate areas conducting early awareness on election related offences.

The awareness began on Feb 1, 2017 and will finish at the end of March 2017.

Press statement