Water project

Water project to benefit villagers

The water supply, an Initiative of the provincial government will be implemented later today.

This follows the ground breaking ceremony in March this year.

Present at the launching ceremony will be dignitaries, including Member for Kairuku Hiri, Peter Iso Aimo, and representatives from the Governor’s office and Water PNG, including CEO and Managing Director, Raka Taviri.

Taviri said water supply is a most important basic need.

He also highlighted some of statistics including the effect of climate change and its impact.

Awareness for water project to be done

National project manager of the desalination plants, Tom Anayabere, said the aim of the awareness is to get the interest of the community, as well as donor agencies, so that they will see the importance of it and continue to support such projects.

“I will be conducting awareness at Fisherman Island in NCD, Hula village in Central province, Ihu in Gulf, Kwato in Milne Bay and we will stop by at Dogura along the way to Northern Province and conduct an awareness there, and also Taraparuru and finish at Tufi.

VIDEO: Iokea Water project

Returning to his mother's village, Charles Abel opened a one hundred thousand Kina water project for the people of Iokea.


Sophie Yaruso with more 

PJV seeks land tenure for water project

Application LMPA 102 is an application seeking Grant of Tenure at Aipulungu to support a small scale Weir Project, which is expected to assist the Porgera Gold Mine manage water more sustainably during long dry spells.

weir is a barrier across the horizontal width of the river that alters the flow characteristics of the water and usually results in a change in the vertical height of the river level.

Japanese desalination project engineers arrive in Manus

This technology will see solar-powered seawater desalination plant systems installed on identified islands which will convert salt water to fresh drinking water and is funded by the Pacific Environment Community. 

The Sojitz engineers from Japan’s Toray Industry, the manufacturers of the desalination plant arrived in Lorengau on Sunday, Oct 23.  

This team replaced the first team that has been in Manus since May when the project was launched on Bipi Island.